Portal Pack

This annual event took place on 2nd February and was held at 1st Waverton Scout HQ. A team of 6 boys represented Portal Pack at the event.

The boys were:

Sam Morley, Dylan Bugg, Theo Lavin, Rory Dorsett, Charlie Coulson and William Oldroyd.

They had no idea of what they would be required to do until the event actually started. All the 8 teams taking part were given 3 tasks to do in a set time of an hour.

  1. Make a model of an imaginary superhero
  2. Write a “comic Strip” style story about the superhero
  3. Design a poster to advertise the next Chamboree

All Pack leaders and parents were asked to leave so the work was only that of the Cubs, they were supervised by District Cub Leaders and the judges for the event. Each Pack was marked on how well they worked as a team, how tidily they worked, how well they behaved and the end product.

I am very proud to say that our team were joint winners of the competition along with Malpas which was a fantastic achievement. All the boys taking part (that did not already have it) were also awarded their Artist Badge.

So thank you boys for your brilliant efforts, I was especially pleased to be told by the judges how impressed they were with your behaviour and manners. Well done.